Holiday greetings once again from Michigan! At the end of last year I moved back "home" and am now living in the Ann Arbor area; my current address is

9335 Harbor Cove Circle #332
Whitmore Lake, MI 48189
(734) 449-2985 or (734) 657-8016 and

After eighteen months of living in a foreign country, it really is nice to be back in familiar surroundings.

Which isn't to disparage the Netherlands one bit; I really enjoyed living there (and would likely return again if given the right opportunity). It may be a small country that can be hard to find on the map, but the Dutch are very friendly and proud of their heritage. I do miss the lecker kaas and just the whole experience of living and working abroad. And no, I didn't live in a windmill or wear wooden-shoes, but I did get to skate on the frozen canals.

As some of you may know, Bristol Technology (the company I worked for in Connecticut and Holland), isn't in Michigan. While it was hard to leave something that had been a big part of my life for nearly four years; at the same time, after so much time away, there is comfort in being closer to my mom, siblings, and friends.

Since I'm not (yet?) independently wealthy, this past January, I became gainfully employed at Autodesk in Novi (a suburb northwest of Detroit). Autodesk is a large California-based software company best known for its AutoCAD product. The division I work for creates Mechanical Desktop, which is a "3-D Parametric Solids Modeler" (sorry about the techno-speak) built on top of AutoCAD. Companies use our software to design things such as automobiles entirely on the computer.

Not surprisingly, the main attraction in Whitmore Lake is Whitmore Lake; and this past summer was a great one to spend on the lake. After an extremely mild winter compliments of El Niño, we had a very warm and sunny summer--perfect weather for enjoying my boat and wave-runner. Dealing with the heat and humidity is easy when you live on the lake: just jump in the water!

Have a Merry Christmas / Fröhliche Weihnachten / Prettige Kerstdagen and a Happy New Year!