Holiday Greetings once again from Michigan!

Since I last sent out one of these customary Christmas letters, I've become a homeowner. Not that I really need a 4-bedroom 2-bath house, but with interest rates so low during 1999, it wasn't making sense to continue paying rent. But I didn't move far-I'm still living in Whitmore Lake. Some of you know how much I can move around, so it's worth perhaps repeating my current address

328 N. Pointe Dr.
Whitmore Lake, MI 48189
(734) 449-2985 or (734) 657-8016 and

My house is a colonial-style situated on a corner lot in a seven-year old subdivision. The small projects associated with the upkeep of a home are enjoyable, but I'm glad I didn't buy a "fixer-upper".

My job at Autodesk continues to go well. Over the past three years I've become quite proficient using the C++ programming language while working on four releases of our Mechanical Desktop software. At the beginning of next year (the real start of the new millennium), I'll be moving to a new group doing Internet development. And no, unfortunately, this won't make me a "dot-com-millionaire".

This past summer, I once again spent a week boating on Lake Erie aboard Aft'r Hours. This boat (owned by a friend of mine) is a 31ft long 1969 fiberglass ChrisCraft. It takes a lot of work in the spring to wax all that freeboard, but I sure do enjoy playing on the "big water" during the summer.

Although I was able to avoid "hanging chads", I did try to enter the world of politics this fall by standing for election as a Trustee in Northfield Township. In my case, the "intent of the voter" was clear enough: in a race with eight people running for four positions, no amount of recounting would have given me victory as a candidate without any party affiliation. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed getting more involved in my community.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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