Season's Greetings from Michigan!

While an awful lot has changed over the past two years since my last Christmas letter, at least I've managed not to move; for nearly four years I've been at the same address of
  328 N. Pointe Dr.
Whitmore Lake, MI 48189
(734) 449-2985 and
Between yet another refinance and increased community involvement (this spring, I was appointed the newly formed Northfield Township Downtown Development Authority), it's likely that I'll be staying in Whitmore Lake for a while. Notice that I've also registered my own domain name.

As if maintaining and keeping-up my own house weren't enough (I put a 25-foot flag pole in my front yard this spring), both of my brothers (Phil and Pete) are now married too (perhaps someday it will be my turn) which means I occasionally get called upon to help them with their "honey do" lists. We also moved mom from the big old house in which we all grew-up across town into a much more suitable condo.

Shortly before St. Patrick's Day, I was able to use the genealogical resources on the Internet to discover that I'm part Irish (albeit a rather minuscule percentage). Many of my ancestors are from three small German villages (Acht, Arft, and Langenfeld) south of Bonn. I've been able to establish a grandfather going back ten generations to 1650.

The poor economy not withstanding, I'm still working at Autodesk. Although enduring various cost containment measures is unpleasant, my job itself is usually quite enjoyable. This past year, I had an article published in a technical magazine; I also applied for a patent. Lately, I've been learning C# and Microsoft's .NET framework.

During the summers I've been spending a lot of time boating; not only on Whitmore Lake, but also on the "big water" aboard Aft'r Hours. Throughout an entire summer of running, I managed to stay injury-free which might be a good omen for completing my second marathon in 2003 after a 20 year hiatus.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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