Once again, it’s time for my biennial Christmas letter. While I’m trying to move (although not too far), it hasn’t happened yet; you can still reach me at
  328 N. Pointe Dr., Whitmore Lake, MI 48189
(734) 449-2985, mail@jdanielsmith.name
One of the reasons I’d like a new home is to have a library/office instead of using the kitchen table. It’s a “buyers market” in Michigan, but I also have to sell my house.

My three nephews are growing up fast. Trevor is almost 3½, Peyton 2½, and Nicholas turned 2 in September. As I only see them every couple of months, I really notice the dramatic changes; right now I’m just amazed to hear them talk. And my refrigerator is overflowing with pictures of these cute boys.

Uncle Dan is getting older too: this year I hit the big four-oh. I may not be any wiser, but I’m definitely older as things like cholesterol and blood pressure are now concerns.

To keep the hypertension under control, I still really do enjoy running; unfortunately, it seems difficult staying injury-free enough to train sufficient miles for another marathon. Our new Whitmore Lake High School opened this past fall replete with a pool, so I’m also swimming laps which is easier than running on my 40-year old joints.

The new WLHS also has a 700-seat auditorium; over the winter I’ll be working with others in the community to form a theater company. Somehow, we managed to publish our local newspaper—The Northfield Courant— every week for 15 months; we’re now monthly which is much more manageable. There still are a lot of local politics too, in November I helped a friend wage an (unsuccessful) write-in campaign.

My job at Autodesk continues to go well; even though being at the same company for nearly nine years is somewhat uncommon in my field. It must be true about time moving faster now that I’m 40 as I’m starting to think about retirement. One of the daily challenges at work is trying to develop software with co-workers who are literally half-way around the world.

For “play”, I still go boating aboard Aft’r Hours; this season we spent an entire week in the sunshine at Put-in-Bay, Ohio. I also enjoy being an active member at German Park, a German-American club where each summer at three public picnics we offer traditional fare to several thousand guests.

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