Merry Christmas 2010

Another year and another election: much of this year was spent campaigning for a Washtenaw County Commissioner seat. On November 2, the voters of the second district elected me to represent them on the 11-member Board of Commissioners; the two-year term begins in January.

Despite busy weekends, there was still some time for playing with my cute nephews Trevor, Peyton and Nick—all of whom are in first grade—and my adorable niece Drue who at 3½ works hard to keep up with her older brother. Uncle Dan has found out just how exhausting it can be playing "catch me if you can!"

Summer means another season of outdoor band concerts; after getting rained out the past two years, the Washtenaw Community Concert Band was finally able to perform a July fireworks show. The last Saturday of June, July and August brought perfect weather for an outdoor German festival with my German-American social club where we serve nearly ten thousand guests each season.

Life at the office remains largely unchanged, which given the economy over the past two years is actually a very good thing. My current project is developing a new product to help companies layout their factories and assembly lines in software.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!